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Performing Arts

At Weimar, we are proud to offer a full-featured modern music and arts program. 

Rockestra is our modern version of band.  Beginning instruction for guitar and drums is offered before school free of charge thanks to a generous donation from our local Placer Hills Education Foundation.
These  groups then join forces with the traditional instruments 2 days a week to form our in-house school rock band--Rockestra.  They are incredible.  This group plays as the backup band for the 6th and 8th grade singing performances.

6th Grade music:
In music class, students sing every day.  They are introduced to and respond to the wide world of music- from rock and rap to the classics.  Composers, families of instruments, sound basics and rock and roll history are among the units explored each day.  Sixth grade students spend time creating music of their own using online software and beat samplers.  At the end of the year, 6th grade students perform along side Rockestra for the parents.  

7th Grade Drama:
All students at Weimar cycle through Drama.  All 7th grade students learn to create characters using their bodies and their voices.   They try their hand at improv and other fun drama games.  All students prepare and present a portion of a famous speech.  The culminating project in drama is a short film which students create in groups on campus using phones.  These films are shown at a campus-wide film festival in the Spring.

8th Grade Media Production: (link to teacher's site page)
In this class, students explore the three main forms of media-photos, audio, and video.  They are taught how to communicate and create high quality products with all three of these mediums.  
Examples of a student ads created in class.  

8th grade students sing, record, film and present their very own original music video. 

YouTube Video

This is a nationally award-winning project. Students choose a song, re-write the lyrics, record all the voices of every 8th grader (Audacity) mixing them together. They are then filmed lip-syncing to their own voices to create a professional looking product.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video